I am a social anthropologist with fieldwork experience in the U.S., Mexico and Denmark.  

I draw on ethnographic methods and design-based methods to study the role that social context plays in shaping people's interaction with digital technology - and how technological change shapes social patterns.

My main fields of interest are:

  • Cross-cultural differences in computing education 
  • Gender normativity, social inclusion and computing
  • User experience research
  • Visual anthropology

My background is interdisciplinary: I hold a BA cum laude in English & American Literature (University of Bergamo) and a MSc in Anthropology (University of Copenhagen). I like to play with maker tools like laser cutters and 3D printers - mostly for fun, sometimes for prototyping purposes. 

I am currently working as a research analyst at the IT University of Copenhagen studying how gender normativity and stereotypes impact computing education. I am involved in a few other projects (you can read more about it in the PROJECTS section).